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[ENG] Brilli 8

We’re looking for staff!
Contact us if interested! ♡


Original work by: Challan (

Eng. translation: Jung
Cleaner + typesetter: Rikym
Proofreader: kikaxi

Take out with full credits!

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New webtoon tonight!
Please anticipate it~ ;^) Thanks to Mochii&Rikym’s work!

-Kika Xi-

[NOTICE] Upcoming projects

Hello everyone! How have you been?
Here hae 2 new webtoons I’m willing to take care of in the near future:

-Wild City (와일드 시티) by Koon (
Plot: A solitary wolf is looking for love, in a world full of lies and where everything is false
Genre: BL, romance, school life, wolves, fantasy

-Flowers Falling Together (함께 지는 꽃by Kkigdu (낑두
Plot: A young female student is willing to confess to the boy she likes, but only after CSAT is over!
Genre: Romance, school life, comedy

Thanks for showing me your love everyday! Stay tuned ♡


-Kika Xi-

[NOTICE] Facebook page

Hello everyone! Now you can follow this blog also on Facebook here:

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[NOTICE] Raising a Bat EXTRA 10

Hello everyone? How are you~?

Due to assignments I think I won’t be able to upload Raising a Bat EXTRA 10 this weekendㅠㅠ I tried my best but I haven’t been able to translate it yetㅠㅠ I’m sincerely sorryㅠㅠ but I promise you all I’ll make sure to update as soon as I can! Please wait just a little more~

Thanks for understandingㅠㅠ and thanks for all your support till now! It always makes me the happiest ♡

Have a good weekend and don’t overwork!! ♡

-Kika Xi-


Hello everyone!

It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? How is your 2017 going?

I’m fine~ currently busy with exams till the end of the monthㅠㅠ please be a little more patient! New chapters and extras will be released soon!

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