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[ENG] Brilli 8

We’re looking for staff!
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Original work by: Challan (

Eng. translation: Jung
Cleaner + typesetter: Rikym
Proofreader: kikaxi

Take out with full credits!

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[NOTICE] Upcoming projects

Hello everyone! How have you been?
Here hae 2 new webtoons I’m willing to take care of in the near future:

-Wild City (와일드 시티) by Koon (
Plot: A solitary wolf is looking for love, in a world full of lies and where everything is false
Genre: BL, romance, school life, wolves, fantasy

-Flowers Falling Together (함께 지는 꽃by Kkigdu (낑두
Plot: A young female student is willing to confess to the boy she likes, but only after CSAT is over!
Genre: Romance, school life, comedy

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-Kika Xi-

[NOTICE] Facebook page

Hello everyone! Now you can follow this blog also on Facebook here:

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Hello everyone!

It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? How is your 2017 going?

I’m fine~ currently busy with exams till the end of the monthㅠㅠ please be a little more patient! New chapters and extras will be released soon!

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[NOTICE] Raising a Bat

Hello my dear followers! I know it’s been a long time since the last update and I’m really sorry about thatㅠㅠ university has been keeping me kinda busy lately so I haven’t been able yet to translate the next chapters.

However I think I’ll be able to update this within tomorrow evening! I’m sorry I’ve made you wait this long timeㅠㅠ please anticipate the following chapters! The story’s almost reached its end… it’s sad isn’t it?!  I’ll update very soon, please look forward it! Thanks a lot for all your support and have a great weekend ♡

Kika Xi-