[NOTICE] Raising a Bat EXTRA 10

Hello everyone? How are you~?

Due to assignments I think I won’t be able to upload Raising a Bat EXTRA 10 this weekendㅠㅠ I tried my best but I haven’t been able to translate it yetㅠㅠ I’m sincerely sorryㅠㅠ but I promise you all I’ll make sure to update as soon as I can! Please wait just a little more~

Thanks for understandingㅠㅠ and thanks for all your support till now! It always makes me the happiest ♡

Have a good weekend and don’t overwork!! ♡

-Kika Xi-


17 thoughts on “[NOTICE] Raising a Bat EXTRA 10

  1. BlazeEBlake

    No worries! Thank you so much for all the work you do to let us read this story! Without you I would have nowhere to turn for my Raising a Bat fix (T.T)
    Good luck with your assignments!

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  2. Jennifer Lynn Miloro

    I never comment but I just want to say I appreciate you. All my favorite translating and/or fanfiction writing folks are so busy right now! I wanted to let you know that I hope you’re doing well and that we’ll be right here waiting when you’re free ^_^ It’s just nice to know someone out there loves these stories as much as I do and even more so to do all this work to make it available for others.

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