6 thoughts on “[ENG] Fools 54

  1. Egoista Xrs

    Wuaaa, I’m so happy there’s an update for this story! 😀
    And oh oh oh.. Is it just me or does this girl look a bit similar to the guy the protagonist is in a relationship with now? (I don’t remember any of their names; I’m shameless lol)

    Anyway, yaaaay, updaaate~~~ *cheers
    Thank you for your hard work!


  2. Toilet

    Omg does that mean Joo Hyun kinda suspected their relationship already?! Finally we are getting to the part that explains all the rumors about Eun Gi!! 😍 LOVE YOU TAETAE AND KIKAXI!! 🙇🏻‍♀️💕💕 Thank you for translating Fools for the fools we are.



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