28 thoughts on “[ENG] Unripe Expression 40

  1. Kattunya

    Aaaah, my baby ;_; Thank you so much for the translation ❤️
    Btw, are some pages missing at the beginning or is my internet?


  2. phillydip27

    Hahaha but literally no one would think someone likes them xD even if they like that person :3 stay strong~ you’re my second favourite to be with him xD


  3. Tasha

    hmm, were pages missed out intentionlly? I read the raws and I noticed there were more there than here. there was even a really cute scene! :((

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  4. Gigi

    It’s the most cutest manhwa. I really love it. Please keep with the translation! Thank you so much


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  6. Nath

    Thank you!!!!

    Kyaaaaaahhh My shipp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 *-*

    Junseo is a serious guy, but this moments with Jaewon are so CUTE AND PRECIOUS!! LOOK THAT SMILE, MAN!!! PLEASE BE TOGETHER IN THE END! ❤


  7. senashin

    Blessssss!!! 👏🏼👏🏼

    Although I’m so torn about these two!!! I wish they would end up happy no matter who they’re with! I want them together tho…

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  8. Sandy Gonzriv

    I’m so grateful with you for check out and add the missing pages 🙂 they are really lovely.
    Aga was so kind with us this time, showing the growing affection between Junseo and Jaewon, only I hope all of this is not for turn the other way. But if it does, Junseo’s character is strong, (I love that), it will be fine

    Thanks a lot



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