[ENG] Unripe Expression 23

Original work by: Aga (http://www.foxtoon.com/comic/UnripedExpress)

Eng. translation/cleaner/typesetter: kikaxi

Take out with full credits!

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27 thoughts on “[ENG] Unripe Expression 23

  1. bob

    man i real want to see the glasses guy with Lee Jea Won but also with Han Karam )-; and i got a feeling that Kang Jaehee likes Lee Jae Won then confess to him and after being rejected he gonna tell everyone that Lee Jae Won is gay or something like that

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  2. Akkochan

    I think the big question is : which guy will end up with Lee Jae Won ?
    Personally i think he will just be friend with Junseo, both don’t seem to be attracted by each other.
    The way i see it, Lee Jae Won is in love with Han Karam for now but something tells me that he won’t end up with him. After that chapter, either Kang Jae Hee is gonna develop romantic feelings for Lee Jae Won (which will be kinda ironic since he was part of the ones who bullied Junseo for being gay) or he will actually end up with Junseo (which would be even more ironic) so i think he will rather be a supportive friend for Lee Jae Won while having his own story with Junseo.
    Something tells me that the moment Han Karam is gonna fall for Lee Jae Won, LJW’s childhood friend (the one who “rejected” him” is gonna make his entrance and hit on Lee Jae Won (in LJW’s flashbacks you can see that he didn’t really reject him, he just said that it was “weird” but they were just kids so there is a high chance that he just didn’t know at that time that he liked LJW too or that he didn’t want to reciprocate since he was about to move out. In the flashbacks i felt like he was also in love with LJW during their long walks back home).
    I kinda hope it’s gonna be like that and that LJW’s childhood friend is gonna be the one he will end up with. Han Karam is cute but i kinda want the childhood friend to be more intense and stealing LJW back.
    Of course i’m only guessing that the last guy on the main picture that we can’t see is LJW’s childhood friend. I don’t think they showed us all those flashbacks for nothing.

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    1. Hiwu

      wow i am sure though that LJW would end up with han karam and kang jaehee with junseo. i dont think jaehee falls for LJW (OR I HOPE SO PLEASE GRANT MY WISH). han karam might not attracted to ljw now, but he might develop the weird feeling and realize that he loves him (amen)

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    2. harurookies

      Same feelings too!I wish that the childhood friend would come and steal Jae Won away!The raws actually feature him coming back though…let’s wait patiently for the updates.


    3. Damsiii

      I also had the feeling that the childhood friend didn’t really reject him, good to know I wasn’t the only one who thought so. ^^
      Now I’m even more excited to see what comes next! >.<


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  4. Ezralva

    The best chapter so far!! Thanks it’s worth the wait
    Aawwhh the way JW so lovestrucked by Karam, i kinda dont have a heart to ship him with Junseo anymore. Just let them be together



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