[ENG] Unripe Expression 9

Original work by: Aga (http://www.foxtoon.com/comic/UnripedExpress)

Eng. translation: kikaxi

Take out with full credits!

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12 thoughts on “[ENG] Unripe Expression 9

  1. meikuu

    Hi, thanks for translating! do you have to pay to read the locked raws on foxtoon? i can’t read past the seventh one 😦

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  2. Jay

    sorry! I’m kind of confused? after the mc punches his best friend and walks away ha jun seo and the mc are seen and it says “are you okay” and then mc asking what happened in high school. after that there’s a switch to the mc all nervous in bed, but was that moment with ha jun seo just mc imagination? or dream? sorry again ah


    1. KikaXi Post author

      I suppose it was just his imagination, since there aren’t any more scenes with those 2 together after that… and when he’s lying down he’s thinking about what happened with that red-haired ***, so i suppose Jaewon meeting Junseo didn’t actually happen but it was just him wondering about what could have happened to him in middle school

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  3. I_create_so_what

    Hi 😊
    Thanks for your work, I really like this manhwa ! I am French and I would like translate Unriped expression with my friend on tumblr. I just ask you if you agree with it 😷 (I hope 😓)

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    1. KikaXi Post author

      Thanks for your appreciation 🙏 of course you can (the original work isn’t mine either after all lol)! I only ask you to take it out with full credits, I’d feel too bad for the artistㅠㅠ thanks a lot and good luck!!


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