[ENG] Raising a Bat EXTRA 5

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5 thoughts on “[ENG] Raising a Bat EXTRA 5

  1. Rina

    I think I’m the only one reading this now. I just found it not too long ago, and I haven’t been able to get past chapter 58 because no one has translations for chapters after 58+4/58.4. I saw on Foxtoon that they had released the last chapter (chapter 90) recently, which makes me even sadder T_T



    I was wondering if you were going to continue uploading translations or if you were finished after these chapters because it had a nice ending?


      1. Rina

        Omo, I was beginning to lose hope that someone would still translate it! I heard chapter 90 (the final chapter) was up, but I was only able to read up to chapter 58.5 because everyone else gave up on translations T.T
        KikaXi, you are awesome beyond words! Thank you you so much for continuing the translation for this amazing manhwa, even when it’s difficult. It means a lot. 😀


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