[ENG] Raising a Bat 50

Original work by: Jade (www.foxtoon.com/comic/batbreed)

Eng. translation: kikaxi

Take out with full credits!

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20 thoughts on “[ENG] Raising a Bat 50

  1. Amaikey

    THANK YOU !!! Thank you sooo much for the translate, I’ll always suport you !! And I’m said again, THANKS FOR YOUR HARD WORK!! I’ll waiting for the next chapter! ❤❤


      1. Priscillia

        Hahaha! 🙂
        Us, your followers can tell very clearly how hard you’ve been always trying not only from your great works but also you will reply every single each of comments with thank you note.
        Although we always looking forward to next chapter once we finished reading the latest one, but no problem,we can wait. Just take your time,don’t stress yourself out.
        Always love & support from Malaysia 😉


      2. KikaXi Post author

        Thank you very much;;; I will do my best for you all!! I know very well how hard it is to wait for the next chapter hahah thanks a lot!! Have a good day ♡


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